Greatest Brazilian players who’ve played for Serie A teams

November 12, 2020

by xfcedi

Eduard Bănulescu

Brazilians, more than perhaps any other nationality, have fascinated the football world since the very beginning of the game. Serie A has been one of the leagues in which they’ve especially thrived. Let’s look at the greatest Brazilian players who’ve played for Serie A teams.

Ronaldo (Inter, AC Milan)

ronaldo and baggio

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima may have as well walked off a different planet altogether by the time he joined Inter Milan in 1997. His speed, technique, and strength were virtually unmatched.

Yes, injuries slowed down his progress. However, between 1997 and 1999, Ronaldo was truly a world-beater. He would later join AC Milan towards the twilight of his career, however, the Brazilian’s statue was already fully erected by that point.

Falcao (AS Roma)

Paulo Roberto Falcão belonged to a legendary generation of Brazilian footballers. Many have referred to them as the greatest national team to have never won the World Cup.

Falcao was a famous, if mysterious figure to Italian fans when he joined AS Roma in 1980. He ended up spending five years in Italy’s capital before returning home to Brazil. He remains one of the Giallorossi’s cult heroes until the present day.

Julio Cesar (Inter)

Brazilian footballers are usually known for their skill, speed, and beautiful goals. However, starting with Julio Cesar the South American nation has produced an endless stream of quality keepers and defensive players.

Cesar was Inter’s #1 in one of the team’s most succesful eras. The keeper lifted the Serie A trophy on five occasions, and won the Champions League, among other accolades.

Kaka (AC Milan, AS Roma)

Kaka is another example of a Brazilian player who showed his very best early in his career. AC Milan poached him from Sao Paolo in 2003. By 2004 he was a vital part of one of Europe’s most celebrated teams in recent history. He won the Ballon d’Or in 2007. Kaka served as a model on and off the pitch, with the player earning praise for his modest, polite demeanor.

His transfer to Real Madrid did not quite pan out and neither did his return to AC Milan. But, it hardly mattered. By the age of 30, the Brazilian had already won nearly all the major awards available in the football world.

Cafu (AC Milan)

The Milan teams certainly have had a love affair with Brazilian footballers. It only makes sense that one of Italy’s glitziest cities would fall for the South Americans’ style and flair.

Cafu was something of an anomaly though. The Brazilian practically revolutionized the wing-back role, adding offensive responsibilities to it that had been missing before.

His career seemed endless. He played for 11 years in Serie A and became a club legend for both AC Milan and AS Roma. His career saw his win the Champions League, World Cup twice, and the Serie A. This makes Cafu one of the most decorated players in the history of the game.

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