Best Ligue 1 fantasy football scorers that are free picks

September 16, 2022

by catalin

Eduard Bănulescu

Ligue 1 may be earning a reputation as a league that acts as the playground of football superstars like Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. However, the French league is also a place for footballers that are going to do great things, as well as experienced veterans.

FootballCoin’s free Ligue 1 contests can earn you crypto rewards. Here are some of the free picks (1* or 2* lease cards) and who are among the best Ligue 1 fantasy football point scorers.

Free 1* players

Florian Tardieu (Troyes AC)

Tardieu is entering the veteran phase of his career. This season spent with Troyes is, so far, a real highlight. The midfielder has scored 3 goals in 7 matches. He’s one of the top Ligue 1 players for actions that lead to shots on goal. A safe choice for your squad from a late-bloomer.

Lukeba Castello (Olympique Lyon)

OL is known to be a fertile breeding ground for excellent young talent. Castello Lukeba looks to have all the characteristics to fit this description. Although this is only his second season playing in the French top-tier, the defender’s stats already place him among Europe’s elite players. Castello is excellent in the pressing phase, a very good passer, and, remarkably for a central defender, a very good dribbler of the ball.

Source: Fbref

The 2* players available with a season lease

Nicolas Tagliafico (Olympique Lyon)

Nicolas Tagliafico is probably best-known to fans of fantasy football and Football Manager as one of the best and most underrated defenders in Europe. This year, the Argentine finally departed Ajax Amsterdam. Some were surprised by his destination. Opting to move to Lyon has proven to be a fateful decision so far. Tagliafico is dominant in most defensive stats for Ligue 1. It’s safe to say that fantasy football fans can continue to depend on his abilities.

Angel Gomes (Lille OSC)

Angel Gomes followed in the steps of the likes of Jadon Sancho, or Tammy Abraham and decided to make a name for himself outside of the Premier League. While Gomes never got much of a chance to shine at Manchester United, he is a vital part of Lille’s setup. While it’s true that this season has started out slowly for the Englishman, fans can be hopeful that Gomes will develop into one of the best players in Ligue 1.

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