5 benefits of daily fantasy football

May 07, 2021

by xfcedi

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Eduard Bănulescu

Fantasy football comes in many varieties and is popular across the world. Just what do daily fantasy football systems do better than the ones that require creating one draft at the start of the season? Here are 5 benefits to consider.

1. Daily fantasy football allows users to change their opinion

Daily fantasy games like FootballCoin are centered around each round of competition from one of the major football leagues. This means that users create a new draft for each new round of matches.

This allows fans to edit their draft and adapt to changing trends. Injured players can easily be replaced. A player that is an unexpected hot streak can be picked. The ebbS and flowS of a season are best represented through this system.

2. Daily fantasy football gives new users the chance to win

Professional sports can sometimes get tedious when one team dominates a competition year after year. Fortunately this is less likely in DFS (daily fantasy sports). Since users pick a new draft each time they enter a contest, all of the participants are motivated to remain competitive from one week to another.

3. Daily fantasy football make users follow engage more with competitions

Any kind of additional knowledge is an asset when playing fantasy football. This is especially true when it comes to the daily version. Creating a draft is not merely about choosing a player that is likely to have a great season. A winning draft has to take into account squad changes, trends, and likely upsets. Experienced fantast managers know that oftentimes it is these sleeper choices that make their drafts succesful.

4. Daily fantasy football gives users more chances of winning

Yearly fantasy football contests tend to repay users once the professional season has ended. This is the reason why interest in these leagues spikes around June, but decreases soon afterwards.

DFS contests like those organized by FootballCoin offer users the luxury of being able to win prizes each week. This means that there is always a new challenge to watch out for and new managerial rivalries developing.

5. Daily fantasy football platforms like FootballCoin provide the chance to use NFT collectibles

FootballCoin is DFS platform that was among the first online games to embrace blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and NFT collectible cards. A user that owns such a card may use it in a variety of ways throughout a week of contests. They can place the card in their draft, lease the card, sell the card, etc. Simply put, daily fantasy sports offer a more dynamic and competitive environment than their rivals.

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