Play World Cup Fantasy Football – 2022 Qatar

November 09, 2022

by xfcedi

The World Cup is watched traditionally by millions of people. All fantasy football fans will be among them. But how will they engage in their passion? Their best option will be FotballCoin.

FootballCoin will host all matches from World Cup Qatar 2022 in its contests. Winners will be determined by the most complex fantasy football scoring system. The winners of these contests will earn incredible prizes. This is a game where knowledge is king.

Did we mention it’s free? We should have. FootballCoin is an entirely free, play-to-earn game. It was developed on the blockchain. It’s been running for over six years and has a loyal fanbase and a dynamic marketplace for NFTs.

In these six years, it has also hosted the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2020. Besides, FootballCoin has hosted thousands of daily fantasy football contests. The world’s best leagues are always here!

Let’s go over it again:

  • Free World Cup fantasy football? Check!
  • Great prizes for daily contests? Check!
  • Joining a dynamic community of managers? Check!

Now that we have that straightened out, it’s off to the games.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the fantasy football World Cup in FootballCoin.

Rules/scoring system for fantasy World Cup

Fantasy football lets us all live the dream of being a football manager. It requires discipline and imagination. Above all, it requires football knowledge.

We know that you’ll have no problems when it comes to showing off your skill. This is why the FootballCoin scoring system is a complex one. It’s divided into two modes, Easy and Pro. The World Cup fantasy football contests will be using Pro.

The system sees everything and judges accordingly. Not only the goals are important. Successful passes help raise the tally. Assists are a goldmine. Even playing the whole 90 minutes is celebrated.

But there are ways to lose points too. Players who get themselves booked? They’ll lose you points. Don’t get us started on fouls and goals incurred.

This fantasy football scoring system will require the very best of your expertise. We are confident you can do it!

So confident, in fact, that we are ready to reward you. At the end of each daily contest, the managers who have earned the most points receive prizes. These prizes are expressed in XFC, the native cryptocurrency of the game.

If you’re not familiar with crypto, don’t worry! XFC is easily converted into money.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. FootballCoin is one of the longest-running play-to-earn games in the entire crypto ecosystem.

Choosing your World Cup teams

Your daily World Cup squad selection will be your bread and butter as a fantasy football manager. It’s what separates winners from the pack. It’s where you show off your skill. And, it couldn’t be easier. 

To choose your daily teams you’ll need to follow these steps: 

Step 1: Make sure you log in daily to your FootballCoin account

Step 2: Head on over to the Contests page. Here you will see all the free and private contests coming up

Step 3: Click Contest Info -> Join Contest. You are now ready to manage!

Step 4: Choose your squad. You’ll need 11 outfield players plus 4 reserves and an Assistant Manager. 

Here’s a guide to picking your team. It’s very easy!

Step 5: Check on the daily results! Each day, once all matches from a contest have ended, you’ll get a notification. Click on it to check how well you did. When you earn a prize, it is going to show in your XFC balance

Step 6: Use your rewards! You can cash out your XFC. Or, you’ll be able to use your XFC crypto rewards to buy game NFTs, enter private contests, lease players, etc. 

You’ll need two things to be successful in this fantasy football World Cup: consistency and a good strategy. 

Make sure that you’re signed up for each daily contest! This will increase your earning potential. Thousands of users can earn prizes every day. 

Remember that FootballCoin is a game of skill. Should you play a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1? Should you invest and lease out that star striker? Is it a good idea to buy or lease an Assistant Manager? These are all decisions that you’ll need to make as a manager. Your team needs you!

Player ranking for World Cup

FootballCoin is a free play-to-earn game. It lets users own what they collect. It rewards good decisions. Managers that can spot talent do best. 

If you’re the kind of football fan that knows who the next teenage footballing sensation will be, you’ll do well. You’ll also perform well if you know which goalie has the safest hands and which veteran striker is to be trusted. 

FootballCoin player cards (the game’s NFTs or digital tokens) are rated from 1* to 5*. The rating is based on several factors related to the player, such as:

  • Market value
  • Individual and collective awards
  • Reputation

The 1* and 2* are accessible to all game users! These are free or can be collected using Gold, an in-game currency. You pick up Gold for completing simple tasks!

You’ll notice that many great, up-and-coming players are listed as 1* or 2*. They’re a great way to boost your squad’s chances! They’ll cost no XFC! But you’ll need to have the knowledge to spot them!

What about football’s biggest stars? 

They are usually rated 3*, 4*, and 5*. They’ve earned their rating. Their top-class performances aren’t a secret to anyone. 

These players are represented by digital assets (or NFTs) minted on the FootballCoin blockchain. They’re issued in a limited supply. These cards not only help your team earn a lot of points. They are an investment in the future. 

Once you collect one of these cards using XFC, you own the card forever. Since it’s your card, of course, you can use it in the game, lease it for extra profit, or sell it. 

FootballCoin hosts a vibrant marketplace. Head on over now, and check out all of the opportunities that will make your fantasy football team better!

FootballCoin’s Web3 vision

Since its beginning in 2016, FootballCoin has looked to merge the worlds of collectibles, fantasy football, and blockchain technology. The project’s mission is to provide true ownership of game assets to its users. 

This philosophy has been embraced by other crypto projects as well. In fact, while FootballCoin may have pioneered this approach, others followed suit. 

This puts FootballCoin in an interesting position. It must now continue to innovate the world of play-to-earn games. Besides this, it must remain consistent in its approach. 

The 2022 World Cup is the largest event in football. But, it is certainly not the only competition on which FootballCoin focuses. Its game users know to expect contests from the world’s best leagues. 

The Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A are just some of the domestic competitions represented in daily FootballCoin contests. Continental club competitions like the Champions League and Europa League have their special place too. 

Since Day 1, FootballCoin has focused on both entertainment and utility. What do game users truly own of their experience? How to make these experiences better? How to help develop the crypto space? These have all been questions that the FootballCoin team has tried to answer. 

With the World Cup and beyond, FootballCoin users own what they collect. The game’s digital tokens/NFTs become their forever once they purchase them. There are nearly no fees, and transaction speeds are practically instantaneous. 

But NFTs aren’t the only cards used in the game. Numerous free cards are available as well. 

And daily free contests are set up by the FootballCoin team. This means that any gamer can join up at no expense and earn valuable prizes. 

FootballCoin believes that these should be core tenants of play-to-earn games. It’s why the team is extremely serious about upholding them. They’ve done so throughout the game’s six-year history. 

Most importantly, FootballCoin is a crypto project that you can trust. Its track record, practices, and the community that it’s built prove this. 

A brief history of the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most important sports events in the world. More than half of the world’s population watched the 2018 World Cup. It’s THE event for football fans across the globe. 

FootballCoin hosts all of the 2022 World Cup matches in its contests. It’s our way of honoring the tournament’s proud tradition. It’s also a way to ensure we meet the demands of our users. 

The World Cup tournament began nearly a century ago. The first edition took place in 1930 and was hosted by Uruguay. Since then, the tournament has taken place every four years. 

The event has also grown in size and scope. The first edition featured 13 nations. The 2022 edition will include 32 teams. These have qualified out of a total of 206 hopefuls. 

Most of the biggest stars in football will be present at the 2022 World Cup. In fact, this competition has helped solidify the reputation of some of the best football players of all time. Maradona, Pele, and Eusebio have all shone in this competition. 

The 2022 edition also brings together most of the world’s biggest footballing nations. Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and France have won a combined 13 World Cup trophies. They’ll all be hoping to add another to the trophy cabinet. 

In fact, all of the World Cup trophies so far have been won either by European or South American nations. The Europeans currently lead 12 to 9. Will the South Americans be able to pull one back? Or will we see an entirely brand-new winner?  

FootballCoin’s free play-to-earn system

Play-to-earn games aren’t just an essential part of the blockchain industry. They promise to revolutionize the gaming industry as a whole. With a revenue of over 220 billion annually, this is a considerable challenge. 

However, the P2E games have shown their potential. Titles like The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, or Gods Unchained have fans worldwide. They are all attracted both to the game and the philosophy behind these companies. 

Play-to-earn games aim to give the user ownership over their in-game assets. The ownership and game mechanics allow them to earn rewards. Users can interact with their peers. They can trade these assets, in the form of NFTs, on tailored marketplaces. 

FootballCoin was one of the first such games. Not just that, but it is a free game. This is not true of all P2E games. Anyone can join the game and win prizes without any investment. 

But are there NFTs that users need to buy? No, the game is free. The NFTs that can be purchased may make your team better. Still, this is only true with your strategy. 

Said simply, FootballCoin is a pure P2E game. It is free, lets users own what they collect, and provides daily rewards. These rewards come from XFC, the game’s native token. 

The XFC rewards can be used to level up in the game by buying cards, joining private contests etc. 

XFC rewards can also be readily cashed out. It’s fair to say that FootballCoin pays users to show off their skills as football managers.

Blockchain technology will play an essential role in the future of the world. Play-to-earn games give a glimpse into how this technology works. FootballCoin is committed to honoring this vision. 

Building an NFT collection

Does FootballCoin have NFTs? Yes, it has both NFTs and free cards. The free cards, as mentioned, can be chosen by anyone. These are not issued on the blockchain. They can be easily used to earn prizes. 

The NFTs, on the other hand, are digital tokens that have been minted on the FootballCoin blockchain. They are rated 3* and higher. They represent the best footballers and the most famous stadiums in the world. 

Building a great NFT collection is the best way to ensure steady success. Purchasing a FootballCoin NFT expresses your trust in a player’s long-term abilities. 

Once you purchase a card from the marketplace, it is yours forever or until you decide to sell it. There will be numerous interested buyers, particularly if you own a valuable card. 

Some of the 5* cards, for example, have spent their entire career earning trophies. These are players that can practically guarantee you long-term success.

What about their eventual retirement? FootballCoin has you covered. A player that has retired will become an Assistant Manager. The same goes for those who have transferred to faraway locations. 

Assistant Managers earn points automatically. For example, a 5* Assistant Manager will provide 15 points for your team right off the bat. Pays to invest in talent!

Setting up private contests

Before starting your World Cup journey, you’ll want to know how to set up your own events. It’s really easy. In fact, the video below will walk you through the process. 

Let’s go over the essentials!

FootballCoin private contests have an entry fee. The entry fees all enter a prize pot. The winners of a contest get to share that prize pool. 

The cool thing about creating private contests is that you decide the value of the entry fee. You also decide how many of the top participants divide the prize pool. The matches hosted in the contest are also decided by you. 

It’s like setting up your very own fantasy World Cup!

But you get paid too!

Contest organizers receive a percentage of the prize pool This means that you can earn a passive income just by setting up contests. And, of course, you can also choose to join your own event. 

FootballCoin beyond the World Cup

FootballCoin has been carrying the torch for blockchain games for over six years. It was one of the pioneers of this industry. And it has been consistent. 

This, sadly, has not been the case across the crypto space. Many projects have come making fantastic promises and disappeared without fulfilling them. 

FootballCoin has strived to be different. It has developed at its own pace. It’s put its trust in a strong, dedicated community. The growth of the game has been a natural and organic one. 

When the 2022 World Cup is over, FootballCoin will continue to be a free play-to-earn game. It will continue to innovate! It will continue to host fantasy football contests from the world’s best leagues. 

Let’s ensure we’re all on board for the World Cup and beyond it. Great entertainment and real prizes are in store. 


Is there a fantasy FIFA World Cup?

There is no official fantasy FIFA World Cup at the time of writing. FootballCoin, the long-lasting fantasy football game, hosts all of the games in the 2022 World Cup. All of them will be available through free and private contests. 

Who will win World Cup 2022 Predictions?

Brazil, Argentina, and France are among the favorites for the 2022 World Cup. In FootballCoin, fantasy football users can have their say about the outcome. Daily fantasy football contests will represent each game. 

Do you get unlimited transfers during World Cup?

In FootballCoin, gamers can choose a brand new team for each contest. The footballers are represented through free cards and NFTs. In essence, this represents an unlimited transfer opportunity for gamers. 

Is there a soccer fantasy league?

FootballCoin hosts fantasy football contests from the world’s best leagues, including the Major Soccer League from the U.S.A. Team U.S.A. will also be part of FootballCoin World Cup 2022 fantasy football contests.