FootballCoin – Game improvements on the new version

January 24, 2020

by xfcedi

FootballCoin Player Card Packs

FootballCoin introduces the concept of player packs. Users will have the option of purchasing a pack instead of individual players as had been the case so far.

The new market-place will include the leagues of Bundesliga (Germany) and Ligue 1. The most important players from these famous leagues will be included among the list of collectible cards.

Types of player card packs

Three types of player card packs will enter the market as follows:


– This will initially include mostly newly promoted players (Players that did not have the 3* rating previously)

– It will only include three or five players in a pack

– The three/five players will be included as to fit into different types of groups based on the players’ reputation and form (A,B,C / A,B,C,D,E)

– FootballCoin will announce which players will be included in a batch of new card packs


– These card packs will be put on the market on special occasions (e.g. an important upcoming tournament)

– These packs will include newer players, as well as older players. This means that some quality players that have been taken off the market may be found here. 

– These will also include 4* rated players


– These packs will also be included occasionally

– It will include players possessing a great reputation

– These packs include the best known and most sought after player cards 

– These will also include 5* rated players

The packs will be divided up in the following way:

  • Individual packs – Packs that include players from individual leagues (All from the Premier League, All from Serie A etc.)
  • Europe packs – Packs that include only players from European Leagues (It could, for example, include players from EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A in the same pack)
  • International packs (Packs from players active outside of Europe, in the Chinese Super League or Major League Soccer).

The FootballCoin card exchange

The exchange of cards is done only between the system and the card owner. Also, the card being exchanged will never be replaced by the same player’s card upon exchange. 

The Exchange system will guarantee that a user can change one card for another in exchange for a small fee.

Leasing collectible cards in FootballCoin

Any owner of a FootballCoin card will have the option of placing on lease.

Any FootballCoin user will have the option to lease out a card for the price being asked by the card owner. To do this, simply click the Lend option below any of the cards on the market.

The duration of one lease agreement is of either one match (in which the card is used), but not more than seven days.

Auction for collectible cards in FootballCoin

The new version of the game will include 1* cards that will be free to be used by all managers. It will also include 2* cards which can be used by offering in exchange the game’s gold.

The gold can be collected through performing various actions in the game that carry with them rewards. These will be announced beforehand. The gold can be used in a variety of ways, including for the use of 3* rated Assistant Managers and 2* rated players.

The gold will show as a reward in the Achievements section that FootballCoin will introduce.

A user that owns a collectible card can set them up for action. They will need to choose the following information:

  • The Buy it now priceThe price at which the card is automatically purchased
  • The Starting price The price at which bids for the card can begin
  • The Auction length – How long the action lasts. The maximum length is seven days, but a shorter time span may be chosen

The new FootballCoin Leaderboard

The system that determines who will make the top spots of the Leaderboard, takes into account activity across the FootballCoin platform.

Each manager will receive a score made up of a number of points. Here is an explanation of how this score will be determined.

The scoring system includes two elements:

  • Points collected from official contests

This will include 100% of the number of points collected by a users’ drafts in official contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from the official contests in which a user has taken part.

Example: If a user’s team has managed 420 points in an official (public) contest and has won 800 XFC the score will be calculated as => 420 + 800*0.2 = 580 points

  • Points collected from private contests

This will include 20% of the points collected by a users’ drafts in private contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from private contests.

NOTE: Head-to-head contests and Contests restricted by the use of passwords will not be counted up for the official score.

Example: If a user’s team has managed 400 points in a private contest and has collected 1000 XFC in the form of prizes from that contest, the score will be calculated as => 400*0.2 + 1000*0.2 = 80 + 200 = 280 points

The final score will include the scores from both official and public contests. By using the original examples, we can see that the score will be 580 + 280 = 860 total points. This will represent the value that appears on the Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is based on seasons. Each year is divided into two seasons. The first season runs from the 1st of January until the 30th of June. The second season runs from the 1st of July until the 31st of December.