Who Won the Manchester City – Liverpool Derby in Fantasy Football?

April 11, 2022

by catalin

Eduard Bănulescu

Manchester City vs. Liverpool could have been the decisive title battle in this season of the Premier League. However, it ended all square after a tense battle.

The fascinating game was not just one of the most important in the history of the Premier League. It was also a duel between some of the best squads of players, and between two distinct football philosophies.

Today we are looking at Manchester City – Liverpool through the lens of fantasy football and stats. Who gained the upper hand? What players defined the game tactically? And, who should you consider for your future fantasy football draft in FootballCoin?

Joao Cancelo’s aggressive wing-back duties

Manchester City stats

Joao Cancelo was Manchester City’s greatest asset against Liverpool. The Portuguese player was provided a highly attacking role. This often put both Mohamed Salah and Trent-Alexander Robertson under pressure having to defend against him. Cancelo also shone defensively. The Portuguese offered 8 clearances, as well as an assist. He is a player that should not miss from your fantasy Premier League draft.

De Bruyne and Silva provide the mathematical precision

Throughout the season, Manchester City has overwhelmed opponents with their possession. They dd again in the first half against Liverpool. Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva were primarily responsible for this. They’re players that Pep Guardiola trusts dearly, and for very good reason.

Mane and Salah are effective even on off days

Liverpool stats fantasy football

For much of the first season, Liverpool found themselves on the back foot. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah were often forced to trackback. At times, they almost took on roles of wide defenders. However, Mane scored a decisive goal and Salah provided an assist. Throughout this season, there have been a few times when they were not good additions to your squad.

Rodri and Fabinho’s disappointing tally

Both Rodri and Fabinho are excellent players. Their roles are essential in their teams’ effectiveness. Still, both play in a more defensive-minded midfielder role. Their contribution on the field is vital, but not always reflected in the players’ stats. This is food for thought for future fantasy football contests.

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