What Bayern’s technical director thinks is the future of big-money transfers

April 18, 2017

by xfcedi

Michael Reschke, Bayern Munich’s technical director, doesn’t think another big money transfer like that of Paul Pogba will occur in the near future. Pogba’s €105 million move back to Manchester United was the largest transfer fee in football.

With a lot of competition in Europe’s largest leagues it’s to be expected that the more important teams will be heavily involved in the transfer market this summer. However, Reschke thinks there will be fewer big-money deals in the near future. He says that generally the best players are already playing for Europe’s top clubs. And with the heavy competition they are involved in, the clubs will be unwilling to sell their star players.

Speaking to El Pais, Reschke had this to say:“There was one transfer in excess of 100 million euros last season, Pogba, and maybe you could mention Gonzalo Higuain in the same bracket with 90 million euros. But I predict fewer transfers of that stature in the future. Big clubs simply do not want to sell their best players. And the best players are already at these clubs.

“They only leave when their contract expires, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dani Alves. Maybe you are able to buy someone when he only has one more year left on his contract. The best players are already at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico [Madrid], the big Premier League clubs, Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain.”

With the season nearing it’s end there is an abundance of rumors of transfers of high-profile players. Teams that underperformed, like Arsenal or City, are expected to make radical changes to their squad. Other large teams like Juventus are trying to make the next step forward.

Latest rumors include the move of Torino’s Andrea Belotti to Real Madrid for a considerable fee. The Madrid side are also in the market for a keeper. De Gea and Courtois are prime candidates. Manchester United are in talks with Monaco for Bernardo Silva ‘s signature. And Arsenal will want to get Ozil and Sanchez to stay, while attracting other stars to the team. With all these transfers on the horizon it remains to be seen if Reschke’s predictions come true.


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