Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig) – stats, tactics, potential

August 14, 2020

by xfcedi

Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig) - stats, tactics, potential

Tyler Adams may have gained worldwide recognition for scoring the goal that brought RB Leipzig to the Champions League semi-finals at the expense of Atletico Madrid. However, he is one of several Nothern American players who benefited from Bundesliga’s policies towards youth development. Today we look at the stats, tactics, and potential that make Tyler Adams one of the most exciting wing-backs around.

Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig) - stats, tactics, potential
Photo: GEPA pictures/ Roger Petzsche

Tyler Adams’ role for RB Leipzig

Julian Nagelsmann, RB Leipzig’s manager has been giving Adams an increased role in the team’s setup in previous months. While the season started with the American facing great competition in his regular position as right-back, he managed to play in 14 Bundesliga matches for Leipzig.

And, most importantly to his profile, he scored the winning goal in the match against Atletico in the Champions League. This happened in spite of Adams coming in as a substitute. Some might suggest that the relative ease with which he was marked by Diego Simeone’s men contributed to Tyler Adams’ goal chance.

Tyler Adams mainly operates a modern right-back. His chief competitor for the position is Nordi Mukiele. They are usually featured in a 3-5-2 formation. Here, the wing-backs are required to block passing avenues. When in possession, both Mukiele and Adams will transition to a role within the midfield line.

(RB Leipzig) - stats, tactics, potential
Typical RB Leipzig formation during 2019/20 Champions League

Tyler Adams and RB Leipzig’s tactics

RB Leipzig is a team that presses aggressively and attempts to create scoring situations from vertical passes. Tyler Adams’ style is a bit more subdued than that of his teammates. The American tends to drop deeper, and contribute less to attacking situations than some of RB Leipzig’s other squad members.

However, Adams is a versatile player that possesses great ball control. This is the reason why often he will be required to drift into central areas and play between the lines. In the Bundesliga, Adams registered an 83.5% passing success rate.

There are moments in the game when Dani Olmo will be allowed to roam freely into wider areas, leaving Tyler Adams to take on a role in the center of the pitch. However, when deployed on the wing, the player will try to drift forward and create passing avenues for his teammates.

Tyler Adams’ potential

Adams showed incredible potential ever since his days playing for New York Red Bulls. He joined Leipzig in 2018. He is now 21 years old and still has plenty to prove.

As a defender, Tyler Adams is capable of winning back possession and offering support to his teammates. In an attacking sense, Adams can contribute brilliantly to Leipzig’s buildup, knowing when and where to search for pockets of space he can exploit. He is a modern right-back in every sense of the word, and one of the players to watch in seasons to come.

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