The FA Cup favorites according to Antonio Conte

May 22, 2017

by xfcedi

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte shared his thoughts on the team’s FA Cup final against Arsenal. The manager also revealed who he believes are the favorites to win the trophy. 

Chelsea are this season’s Premier League winners and their victory never seemed in much doubt. Arsenal have had an uneven season and they end the season in fifth place. Their performance may be viewed as a failure by some of their fans. Champions League qualification has become something the Gunners fans have come to expect for the last 20 years.

Arsenal do not qualify for the UCL for first time in 20 years

Despite all of this Chelsea manager Antonio Conte sees Arsenal as the favorites to win the FA Cup trophy. Conte believes that Arsene Wenger’s team will desperately try to save their season by winning the F.A. Cup trophy. Conte demands that his players be well prepared mentally for the encounter.

“If you ask me who you think the favourites are now, I think it’s Arsenal. They only have this possibility to find a good season after a win in the FA Cup. For this reason we must find motivation and find in ourselves the right anger.

“The game will be very difficult, above all for this reason. Arsenal have missed out on the Champions League for the first time in I don’t know how many years, so we must prepare in the right way,” the Chelsea manager told reporters at the press conference.

Antonio Conte believes the team that will win the trophy will be the one most motivated. The Italian knows that Arsenal will be highly motivated following their failure to secure a top four finish. Conte also spoke about the importance how important it would be for Chelsea to win the double this year.

“I’m not talking tactically. I’m talking about motivation, the right fire in our soul and our hearts. If we have this in the same proportion as Arsenal in that respect, we have the possibility to do the double and win. Otherwise we risk a lot,” Conte says.

Antonio Conte managed to win the Premier League in his first season in the Premier League

Chelsea had already won the League title when they met Sunderland on Sunday. The London side secured a clear 5-1 victory. Fans and players are celebrating the title. However, Conte wants the Chelsea players to become focused on the last encounter of the season and bring more silverware to the club.

“This is the real danger for us. To think that this season is finished and if you win or lose it doesn’t change the situation. We must think as winners, not as losers. It’s important to celebrate as we did today, enjoying this moment with our families and fans, and celebrate this title because it wasn’t easy, this season,” Conte says.

“But as of tomorrow, I’ll try and push a lot to explain that this season will be great. If we hadn’t won the title, this season would have been good. Having won it, it’s become great. Now I think this season can become fantastic if we are able to win the FA Cup. We must find the right motivation.”

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