The Best Premier League Fantasy Football Goalkeeper for 2021-22

March 08, 2022

by catalin

Eduard Bănulescu

Goalkeepers don’t just spare the defense of their teams. Great goalkeepers are needed to win trophies. It’s never been clearer. Similarly, fantasy football fans know that a great goalie is needed to create a great draft.

The Premier League is the most competitive football competition in the world. It contains plenty of great goalkeepers. We’ve narrowed down our choices. Based on the FootballCoin point algorithm, these are the best Premier League fantasy football goalkeepers for the 2021-22 season so far.

Jose Sa (Wolverhampton)

Jose Sa - Wolverhampton

Jose Sa is, currently, the fantasy football best goalkeeper in FPL. He is also, arguably, one of the most underrated goalies in the entire league. Sa is one of Wolves’ numerous Portuguese imports. He was brought in with the task of replacing Rui Patricio.

Currently, Sa has helped Wolves have the fourth-best defense in the EPL. This is no mere coincidence as evidenced by the stats. Jose Sa is Europe’s top 1% for saved shots and the top 10% for goals conceded. Wolverhampton remains a team that is extremely difficult to break down, and their goalkeeper is an important reason for this.

Alisson (Liverpool)

Alisson, Liverpool goalkeeper, was an atypically expensive transfer. However, it was money well spent. Indeed, Alisson had a poor previous season. His form picked up as that of Liverpool as a whole. The Reds are chasing down Manchester City’s lead in the EPL. Their goalkeeper’s abilities should give them confidence. There is also the matter of the team’s squad. Liverpool, also, has some of the best defenders in the fantasy Premier League. Alisson is currently among the top 3% of goalkeepers in Europe’s best five leagues.

David De Gea (Manchester United)

David De Gea was once likely the best goalkeeper for fantasy Premier League. His performances were one of the few upsides of Manchester United’s recent seasons. They brought him a host of individual awards. The Spaniard’s shot-stopping skills then went into decline. His departure seemed like all but an after-thought. Dean Henderson was groomed to be United’s future #1.

This season, however, De Gea produced some thrilling performances. Yes, this has slowed United’s defensive problems, it has not stopped them. However, overall, De Gea has proven that there is still time to consider him as one of Europe’s best goalkeepers for fantasy football or otherwise.

Ilan Meslier (Leeds)

ilan meslier leeds

Ilan Meslier is one of the Premier League’s finest goalkeepers. His individual performances go to prove that even teams battling relegation could be much worse off without a great goalie. Make no mistake, Leeds is in an unexpected fight to avoid the drop. It is also true that Meslier is not quite at the very peak of his form. With all this considered, his FootballCoin stats recommend him as one of the best keepers in the league, and a cheap alternative in just about any game.

Robert Sanchez (Brighton & Hove Albion)

Robert Sanchez was another pleasant surprise for the Premier League 2021-22 season. Sanchez was a frequent recommendation for fantasy football enthusiasts. The Spaniard is a product of Brighton’s youth academy. He made his debut for the senior team in 2020.

Sanchez has proven to be a goalkeeper possessing incredible individual skill. He is also in the top 5% of goalies for individual touches. Top clubs are already eyeing Sanchez. Brighton has nurtured a great player. But, they will find it hard to hold on to him now.

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