Serie A Team of the Year 2021

January 04, 2022

by xfcedi

Marcelo Brozovic

Eduard Bănulescu

In 2021, the Italian Serie A cast its gaze back to its golden days. These were the times when Squadra Azzura ruled Europe. Serie A was the most entertaining league in Europe. And, the world’s best managers and players huddled towards Italy.

In many ways, the year 2021 resembled that great period for Italian football. The fight for the Scudetto became a more contested affair. Italy won Euro 20 on the strength of, mostly, Serie A players. And, football fans across the world sounded their appreciation.

We’ve looked at the stats. These are the best fanta footballers, the best fantasy football starting 11. Here are the players that would have won your contests in FootballCoin.

The best goalkeepers in Serie A in 2021

Lukasz Skorupski | 1078.5 points

Lukasz Skorupski goes to prove that in fantacalcio, reputation isn’t everything. Skorupski is the best Serie A fantasy football goalkeeper in 2021. He did it as Bologna’s #1, a team that under Siniša Mihajlović carved a mid-table niche for itself. It’s one with which many clubs would be envious.

Skorupski is one of the best shot-stoppers in Europe. In the 2021/22 season, he has 73% shot stopped per 90 minutes. His overall stats make him one of the most underrated goalies in Europe.

Samir Handanovic | 1043.8 points

In 2021, Inter Milan completed a historic Scudetto win. It was for the first time in eleven years that Internazionale had won. Samir Handanovic was the goalkeeper commanding an incredible defensive unit. Few keepers proved as confident or provided his consistent performances.

The best defenders in Serie A in 2021

Giovanni Di Lorenzo | 1432.1 points

Giovanni Di Lorenzo truly announced himself as one of Italy’s best wing-backs in 2021. The year started disappointingly with Napoli failing to reach most of its objectives. However, by the summer he was an integral part of Italy’s European conquering squad. The new season started well also. Napoli lead the Serie A charge for a brief period. Throughout, Di Lorenzo proved to be an excellent attacking wing-back.

Bremer | 1274.65 points

Gielson Bremer is another player beloved by the fantacalcio community. He is not a household name. He is, however, one of FC Torino’s best players. Bremer is a solid defender with a knack for a goal. Few defenders take more shots on goal or press more successfully than Bremer. This is why he is part of the Serie A Team of the Year.

Gian Marco Ferrari | 1245.5 points

Sassuolo enjoyed a very good 2021. Few of their players performed better than Gian Marco Ferrari. Sassuolo’s tactical flexibility allows Ferrari plenty of freedom, especially in the buildup phase. The central defender is also a masterful passer which more than makes up for the relative few tackles and pressures in which he is involved.

Federico Dimarco | 1216.95 points

Inter Milan had a lot of heroes in 2021. Despite the fame of many of its players, Federico Dimarco ended up being more important than most. His return to Inter, after various loan spells, proved a masterstroke. The industrious left-back outworked most players and his tactical awareness made him one of the best in the league.

Cristiano Biraghi | 1214 points

Inter’s decision not to sign Cristiano Biraghi on a permanent basis was Fiorentina’s gain. With Birarghi, Fiorentina began a campaign of rebuilding and restructuring. The left-back was at the heart of it. A brave, inventive wing-back, Biraghi looks like the type of player that can improve any team in which he plays.

The best midfielders in Serie A in 2021

Antonio Candreva | 1331.6 points

Players in Serie A, often, seem to enjoy a longer career than in most other leagues. In the case of Antonio Candreva, they also are able to play at the highest level. At 34 years old, Candreva is the best midfielder in the league. His fearless leadership has once again made Sampdoria a team that any other Serie A side must fear.

Marcelo Brozovic | 1232.15 points

Marcelo Brozovic was one of the Inter midfielders bringing technique, imagination, and inventiveness into a strong, well-drilled side. In terms of useful passers, there are few players better than the Croatian. Brozovic has an eye for spotting the best possible solution for a progressive pass. This has contributed greatly to Inter’s success.

Luis Alberto | 1219.3 points

Luis Alberto is Lazio’s creative mind. In a Lazio team built on the belief that a strong routine wins points, the Spaniard is allowed an almost free role. This season there were few players in the world with better stats. In terms of shots, dribbles, or progressive passes only a minority of players compare to Alberto at the moment. This is why he is in our Team of the Year.

Hakan Calhanoglu | 1168.8 points

Hakan Calhanoglu, at club level, had a memorable year. First, he proved himself as an elite playmaker for AC Milan. Then, he switched allegiances to city rivals, Inter, and continued his extraordinary performances. Likely no other player has been as important for their Italian club as Calhanoglu in the first second half of 2021.

Franck Kessie | 1133.65 points

Franck Kessie is out to carve a legacy for himself in Serie A. At the moment, Kessie is arguably the best pivot in all of Italy. Naturally, he is on the shortlist of many other clubs. With AC Milan looking to build, however, Kessie should remain one of the club’s priorities if they hope to continue challenging for the title.

The best forwards in Serie A in 2021

Lorenzo Insigne | 1283.9 points

Napoli’s captain has had two strikingly different parts of the year. He is on our list because of his performances in the first half. Insigne was arguably Napoli’s best player of the 2020/21 season. He was also pivotal in Italy’s victory in the Euro. Talks of a failure to properly renegotiate his contract in Naples and injuries affected the last months of 2022. Still, undeniably Insigne is one of the best players in his position, and more of the same is expected in the future.

Domenico Berardi | 1078.8 points

Domenico Berardi is another of the players that proved that Italy’s finest players don’t need to represent the country’s most famous clubs. As a classic attacking number 10, Berardi’s skill and ingenuity are nearly unmatched. Sassuolo has managed to hang on to their talisman for the time being. The forward has proven that his great performances are no mere exception. Berardi remains one of the most exciting players in the Italian league and at the national team level.

Dusan Vlahovic | 989.55 points

Dusan Vlahovic was the name on every football scout’s lips in the final part of 2022. His figures for Fiorentina were tremendously impressive. This has persuaded many of Europe’s greatest teams looking to persuade the striker to join them. Vlahovic has made it clear that he will leave Fiorentina. For the time being, he is dazzling the fans of I Viola. It remains to be seen if his exceptional stats are sustainable.

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