Relaxed Zidane aware of lack of security for Real Madrid job

January 09, 2018

by xfcedi

Zidane job in trouble?

In spite of winning the Champions League two years running, Zinedine Zidane knows his job at Real Madrid is never safe. The manager points out that this simply comes with the territory when working with a team of their reputation.


Zidane to manage Real in 2028?


Zidane and Cristiano RonaldoZinedine Zidane calmly tells reporters he doesn’t think he will be in charge of Real in 10 years time. He acknowledges there is pressure on him but seems at ease. He goes on to say he aims to make the best due of his time at the famous Spanish side.

Indeed, Zidane is under some pressure. Real Madrid, by their lofty standards, is underperforming this season. Voices of discontent are beginning to sound louder. From the outside, this will seem unfair perhaps. After all, Zidane is the manager that guided Real to two consecutive Champions League trophies and a La Liga crown. It’s a better performance than many higher rated managers delivered to Real.

“Zinedine Zidane isn’t a player at Real Madrid anymore. That Zidane no longer exists. Now it’s down to Zinedine Zidane the coach to carve out a career. I’m not protected by what I’ve done as a player at this club,” he says of his reputation at the Madrid club.

“I know that one day it [the coach’s job] will come to an end at Real Madrid, so I make the most of it and I do everything I can to be successful. I say to myself, ‘if I’ve got 10 days left here, then I’m going to live those 10 days to the max; if it’s six months, I’ll live those six months to the max’. I don’t think beyond that. I know I won’t stay [in the job] for 10 years,” Zidane tells France Football.

Learning to ignore external pressure


Fewer are more experienced that Zidane when it comes to winning important trophies. One of the greatest players of all time, now, a successful manager, the Frenchman says he has learned to ignore the pressure.

“External pressure doesn’t affect me. I’ve wrapped a shield around myself; nothing can bother me. I have many responsibilities [as Real Madrid coach]. But when I get home, I switch off. I know that many coaches aren’t able to take their minds off the job, but I do have that ability.I go home and I get together with my wife or with my sons and I go to see a show or to have dinner. I cut myself off [from work], because that’s fundamental.”

What’s left for Real this season?


Zinedine ZidaneReal Madrid is fourth in the table. Worse still, they are 16 points behind arch-rivals Barcelona. Real have not managed to win three of their last four games. The form of even the most successful football teams varies, of course. Zidane’s Real has dominated Spanish and European football for the last two years. They have at their disposal one of the best squads in football. Zidane does well to stay aware of how things go when working with a team like Real. He does also well to remain confident about his team’s chances.


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