The reasons why Juventus can regain calm following Ronaldo’s goal outset

September 17, 2018

by xfcedi

Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus first goal

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally scored his first goals, in an official game, for new club Juventus Turin. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, while the club can maintain focus on their most important ambitions.

Some questions were raised once Ronaldo’s high viewed and attended, early Juventus games saw the Portuguese failing to find the net. Could this transfer possibly be a failure? Was Juve wrong to make such important changes? While arguably not a significant issue to begin with, those keeping track of CR7’s record can regain their calm.

Hard thought victory against Sassuolo

Ronaldo scored both goals in Juventus’ difficult victory against Sassuolo, a team that’s enjoyed a surprisingly strong start to the season. As things stand, Juventus are top of the Serie A, having won all of their four encounters. The good news is also that the Portuguese forward has begun the current season as he had last year, scoring after his first four matches. Last season ended well. Ronaldo was integral to Real Madrid’s third consecutive Champions League victory.

The goals will certainly add a degree of belief to the Juve faithful. However, let’s not forget, the team has been winning big since the Portuguese arrived at the club this summer, on an off the field.

First of all, the club’s market stakes were elevated by a huge degree once the news of the transfer was broken. Merchandise sales also went through the roof, as  was likely expected. And the team gained millions of social media followers, numbers they will no doubt serve them in adding future commerce gains.

Juventus continues to dominate Serie A

Victory against Sassuolo was no easy task. The visitors’ defense proved durable for the entire first half. Ronaldo scored in the 49th minute, taking advantage of a defensive blunder, to score from short range. Minutes later the Portuguese was at the receiving end of a typical Juve counter-attack, and scored his second.

It won’t be a walk in the park for sure, but the Serie A champions have got what they bargained for. Juventus remains the strongest team of the Italian first tier. They’ve won seven trophies in a row and despite some good competition from the likes of Roma and Napoli, they look set to remain champions.

Ronaldo’s entrance to Italian football, in fact, is beneficial to the entire league, a competition that has lacked significant star power in recent years.

Ronaldo, an experienced Champions League winner

However, it’s no secret that the club’s biggest objective is winning the Champions League. The presence of 34 year old Ronaldo, on its own, may not be enough to ensure success. But Juventus is not just any team. The Italian side has been hovering around the esteemed trophy for years now. Ronaldo can give them the edge, on the field and in terms of morale, that Juventus need to make that one step forward.

Ronaldo will have his first opportunity to represent his new club in the Champions League on Wednesday. Juve take on Valencia, in a tricky away fixture. The match, as well as all the other UCL games will be hosted by FootballCoin through its free contests. Do not forget to draft your perfect teams and win important prizes.

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