Pogba and Ibrahimovic key to Manchester United’s success

November 07, 2017

by xfcedi

Pogba and Ibrahimovic

Pogba and Ibrahimovic key to Manchester United’s success from FootballCoin on Vimeo.

“I hope, I think, I wish that in the busy period of late November, December, the beginning of January, I think we are going to be at our maximum strength,” Mourinho says trying to put on a brave face. Manchester United are now eight points behing leaders and rivals Manchester City. Is Mourinho worried? If he is, he is not showing it.

The Portuguese manager reminds reporters that eight points in the Premier League, have a different meaning than the same amount in many of the other European leagues. It is true that points are easily lost in the EPL, a league with plenty of density when it comes to top sides.

Mourinho also says that while there are reasons to be upset about recent results (including the loss to champions Chelsea), the 18 other teams below Man. Utd. in the league have far greater reasons to worry. The key to the Old Trafford side’s resurgence, believes the manager, will be the return of some of its top players to the fold.

Defensive midfielder Paul Pogba is almost back to full fitness and given the recent string of injuries and suspensions, will represent an important addition. Furthermore, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s highly publicized return to the field is bound to occur by the end of the year. With less than 3/4 of the seasons still to go there could be plenty of upsets. United are certainly not out of the game just yet.

Manchester United’s lost their last EPL game against Chelsea. Alvaro Morata scored the only goal of the game for the current Premier League champions. it was a tense affair with plenty of care being given to defensive responsability. Mourinho remaked that a game as close as thise was bound to be won by the team managing to score the first goal. Manchester United now has to return to work and ensure that few opportunities are wasted in the near future.

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