Mourinho says he would not be upset if Ibrahimovic decides to leave

March 30, 2017

by xfcedi

Jose Mourinho commented on the possible departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish striker’s contract is set to expire at the end of the season. Ibrahimovic confirmed negotiations with Manchester United for a one year extension.

Ibrahimovic has impressed at Man United, scoring 26 goals on his debut season. He is by far the team’s best goalscorer. Fans worry that his departure could leave a great gap in the attacking department. The striker recently confirmed negotiations for an extension on his contract with United.

“Let’s see what happens, we are talking,” Ibrahimovic told the Manchester Evening News. “I have an option for another year, I want to do great as long as I’m here, so let us see, there is a lot of time. I’m enjoying being at a fantastic club, without doubt, one of the biggest clubs in the world, with a great coach.”

There are many potential destinations for the player should he decide to leave. Teams from the MLS, as well as Napoli from Serie A have shown interest in signing the player. Ibrahimovic has won league titles in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and France, in an amazing career. The player could be enticed to remain at United by the hope of adding a Premier League title to his impressive collection.

Jose Mourinho says he would be happy for Ibrahimovic and his family if he decides a move is the best decision for his career. “I am just calm and waiting for the decision,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“If the decision is for him to stay and he is happy with that, we are delighted with that.If his decision is to leave and try to find a different challenge, I will be also happy for him.”

“He is [a big part of our success this season], but the human being is more important than the player and the team. If his decision is to leave and try to be happy with his family and have a different reality, so be it.”

Jose Mourinho also commented on the possibility of signing Barcelona striker Neymar. The Brazilian was linked to a move to Old Trafford for the last seasons. Neymar himself hinted towards wanting to move away from Spain. However, Mourinho believes such a move is impossible at this stage.

“I always try to be objective and pragmatic with the clubs and ask the clubs what can be given to me,” Mourinho told ESPN Brasil.

“Neymar is absurd. A club like Barcelona cannot and will not lose Neymar.Although [Lionel] Messi is still a young player with years to go, he is already playing well at 30. Neymar will be the great player of Barcelona after Messi. I think it [signing Neymar] is like trying to break into a safe. Impossible.”



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