Montella willing to welcome Ancelotti as assistant manager at Milan

October 02, 2017

by xfcedi

Montella jokes he would be willing to welcome Ancelotti as assistant manager at Milan from FootballCoin on Vimeo.

AC Milan spoke highly of manager Carlo Ancelotti, who it was recently announced will be leaving Bundesliga’s Bayern Munchen due to a string of poor results. Montella remembers that Ancelotti was the first manager he went to see when started studying as a coach.

Carlo Ancelotti has one of the best records of any European manager. However, he was unable to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Pep Guardiola at Bayern. The German side lost by a whopping 3-0 their game against French side PSG in the Champions League. Bayern is also trailing rivals Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

Reports have suggested that perhaps the newly free of contract manager could at some point take over for Montella at Milan, should results not be up to expectations. “I hold him in great esteem,” says Montella. He also remembered how Ancelotti once made him an offer to join him as an assistant manager. Montella jokes that he is now willing to extend the same offer to Ancelotti.


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