Lukaku says behaviour shows ambition rather than arrogance

March 24, 2017

by xfcedi

Romelu Lukaku defended his recent behaviour by saying there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. The player recently rejected a new contract offer from Everton according to reports.

Lukaku says that there is a stark difference between being arrogant and being ambitious. The Belgian insists his behaviour is an example of the latter. Lukaku is currently Everton’s top goalscorer. The team has recently offered the player an extension on his contract which the forward is said to have rejected. Lukaku talked about his desire to advance in his career and to win trophies. It’s not clear if he believes he will be able to secure these objectives while continuing to play for Everton.

“There is nothing wrong with ambition. You have to embrace it and where you are as a footballer. Sometimes people will mistake things that I say but it’s just ambition that I have; I want to win titles and trophies and I don’t think people should take that as arrogance – people should embrace it.”

“This is what footballers need to achieve if they want to become the best, and I think young kids need to learn that too. I have made a long way until now but the road is still long and I know I have to improve and get better. I want to help Everton as much as I can, as well as the national team. I think a lot of stuff can be achieved.”

Lukaku received a lot of attention at Chelsea as a talented youngster. He joined Everton in 2013, first as a loaned player. In 2014 Everton paid a club record £28 million for a full-time for a full time transfer the promising striker.

Lukaku seems on his way to confirm his early promises as a player. This season the player scored 21 goals in 28 games in the Premier leagues. He is second in terms of goals behind Tottenham’s Harry Kane. The player has also found a place inamongst plenty of talent in Belgium’s national side. Last year he scored 11 times in 14 appearances for Belgium. Lukaku’s recent achievements may be an indicator the player is ready for even better and greater things.


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