Lucas Moura masterclass: What happenss when your free FootballCoin players scores a hattrick in the UCL semi-finals

May 09, 2019

by xfcedi

Mauricio Pochettino Lucas Moura - Tottenham, Champions league and fantasy Champions league hero

It was the kind of match that club folklore and lifelong rivalries are built on. It was the kind of match that, above all others, years from now, Lucas Moura will be detailing to his grandchildren. His claims will seem an exaggeration, but they won’t be.

As for fantasy football managers, the events are still difficult to digest. The way the scoreline progressed, even more so. In FootballCoin, Lucas Moura has proven to be the ace in the hole, a record-setting, free player card. While surprise upturns have dominated the week, the kind of performance Moura put in, does not occur as often. Here’s how his game stats look in the sobering light of day.

Tottenham carried to the final on the shoulders of Lucas Moura

When the Brazilian arrived at Spurs it was more or less understood that he would fulfil a role of an esteemed squad member. In other words, his place in the first team was far from guaranteed. After all, Tottenham’s main players were nothing to sneeze out. It seemed a relatively odd move for a player who had laboured under a similar deal with Ligue 1 champs, PSG.

But, Moura kept his head low and his feet quick, and earned his stripes with Spurs. The attacking midfielder became a consistent presence in the first team. In the second leg against Ajax, with several important players injured, Moura was called upon to do something special. And, boy, did he.

Ajax were 2-0 by half-time. The aggregate score, of 3-0 for the Dutch side, seemed to give little hope to their opponents. But, Tottenham pushed on, often relying on dedication and pure strength to propel them.

Lucas Moura - Tottenham, Champions league and fantasy Champions league heroMoura scored twice to bring the teams level. Ajax’s players, that had dominated the encounter so far, seemed tired and out of ideas. With the clock drawing nearer the ball was once again shot towards the Amsterdam battlements.

Dele Alli put an inspired pass left to Moura, who, amidst two Ajax defenders took his chance. It wasn’t the greatest shot. It was an act of despair! But, the ball scrambled in. Moura had completed his hat-trick and Tottenham was qualified into the Champions League semi-final.

The secret ingredient to a winning fantasy football team

His elite performance earned Lucas Moura a whopping 72 points in FootballCoin. In many ways, the inclusion of the player was the determining factor for virtual football managers. It was the element that allowed them to climb to the upper spots of Wednesday’s free contest.

Few players have done it better or earned more points in a single game. But, lest we forget, it was a performance that falls in line with Lucas Moura’s season form. The feisty midfielder has amassed around 1800 points. Lucas Moura has often seemed to be considered a bit player at Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino. Nonetheless, he has proven to be one of Spur’s best players and one of the most efficient EPL players, overall, in fantasy football, as well as in the real sport.

Did you have Lucas Moura selected for your team? Will you be giving him a chance in the UCL final. Create your perfect drafts for the FootballCoin contests ahead.

Eduard Bănulescu

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