Lampard calls Pirlo “one of the best of his generation”

November 09, 2017

by xfcedi

Andrea Pirlo retirement

Lampard calls Pirlo “one of the best of his generation” from FootballCoin on Vimeo.

Former England and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard echoed the feelings of many when he called Andrea Pirlo “one of the best of his generation”. Truly, one of the most gifted players in the game, Pirlo is set to retire. He leaves behind a great legacy of trophies and inspired performances.

Lampard spoke in laudatory terms about Pirlo’s style of playing, one that was unlike any other player’s. The Englishman says that what made the Italian midfielder win almost all trophies available in football was not just his incredible skill, but all his wonderful intelligence. Given this fact, Lampard bets on Pirlo to continue in any role he will want to have in football, in the future.

Andrea Pirlo announced his intention to retire from professional football two days ago, after more than 20 years played at a very high level. His career saw him play in Serie A for Brescia, Inter, AC Milan and Juventus. His final game was played representing the Major League Soccer team New York City FC.

At the New York team the Italian Maestro was managed by former Arsenal and France player Patrick Vieira who praise his influence on the modern game Clearly, Pirlo was a one of a kind player, whose role in a team will try to be replicated by football teams for years to come.  “He’s one of the best holding midfielders ever – he changed the position of the number six. Before, the role was just tackling and winning the ball, but now you have to be a playmaker, you have to be as good as your number 10 with the ball. He had a fantastic career, not just on the field but off it because he’s a true gentleman. He’s a really good guy.”

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