Is Gatusso ready to lead AC Milan forward?

November 28, 2017

by xfcedi

Gatusso the new manager of Milan, replacing Montella

Is Gatusso ready to lead AC Milan forward? from FootballCoin on Vimeo.

Vincenzo Montella has been sacked as AC Milan coach. This follows an impressive transfer campaign in the summer and, for now, a disappointing retun on the investment. The club’s new owners seemed to spare no expenses in getting the players they wanted, even managing to purchase from their Serie A rivals. The team is in seventh place, 18th points away from leaders Napoli.

Gennaro Gattuso, a Milan fan favorite, has been appointed manager of the squad. Gatusso has less experience than Montella in managing at this level, as former colleague Demetrio Albertini points out. His previous experience included managing the youth squad. However, Albertini hopes for the best given his passion and experience on the pitch.

Gattuso will have plenty of things to get sorted out at Milan. The team has seemed to lack cohesiveness and vision despite a squad that includes planty of high-profile players. The team’s objectives also will need to be met, despite the current position they find themselves in. The huge investments warrant results in the Serie A where Milan has been disappointing for the last season. Besides this, the team neecds to prove themselves in the Europa League, with fans hoping the club can mount a challenge for the trophy.

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