Inter fear losing Icardi and propose higher release clause

September 16, 2017

by xfcedi

Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan

Fearing they might lose Mauro Icardi to one of football’s richer clubs, Inter Milan are looking to increase his release clause.

Neymar’s transfer to PSG this summer, despite Barcelona’s efforts to stop it, has set a risky precedent for all football clubs. It wasn’t just that Neymar chose to take the opportunity of playing for a different team. It was also that given the fact PSG was willing to pay the astronomical figure of €222m representing the player’s release clause, it’s clear that no such fee represents a guarantee a player is tied to a club.

Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan

The ripple effect of the transfer is already being felt. It brought in the culture of hostile business takeovers to the world of sports. Clubs all over the world are considering their options, in trying to strengthen their hold on their top players. This is also the case with Inter’s captain Mauro Icardi. The player has been spectacular for his side and there is considerable interest in the 24-year-old from some of Europe’s most important clubs. Then there’s the matter of the fact that Icardi has a €110million release clause, a very high fee, but less than half of what PSG was glad to pay to acquire Neymar’s services.

Inter’s manager Luciano Spalletti addressed the issue and asked that the clause be increased, should the player also agree to this. “Icardi should be given the highest clause possible. He’s at the level of Isco [whose new Real Madrid contract has a €700m release clause] and all the top players,” the manager tells Premium Sport.

The Argentine striker is in his third season as captain of Inter and fifth season overall at the historic club. Although his relationship with the team’s supporters was shaky in the beginning, he is now becoming somewhat of a club symbol. Icardi showed his commitment towards the club by signing a new contract last October, which is to expire in 2021. While the release clause agreed upon signing the contract would have made Inter feel rather comfortable with holding on to Icardi, it’s a brand new world in football after Neymar’s expensive transfer to PSG.

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