How Sheffield United could qualify for the Europa League

April 24, 2020

by xfcedi

Sheffield United FC has already enjoyed a tremendous Premier League return. But, now with the rest of the season at risk of being canceled due to concerns emanating from the coronavirus crisis, the Blades may have already booked a place for the Europa League.

Sheffield United FC qualified for 2021’s Europa League

The EPL is one of the most competitive domestic leagues in Europe. Many newly promoted sides try and fail to adhere to the rhythm of the competition. It’s not the case for Sheffield United who find themselves in 7th place after 28 games in the top tier.

Source: Reuters

A qualifying place for European football can still be won outright. However, UEFA is now hinting at a premature end to the season. Under the current guidelines, this would guarantee the Blades an automatic place in next season’s UEL competition, a massive achievement.

UEFA rules stipulate that teams are to qualify for its European competitions based on “sporting merit”. Under the current rules, Sheffield would overcome Wolverhampton, who sit sixth, because they have more points-per-game. Wolves have played 29 games and Sheffield only 28.

Other clubs qualified to the Champions League and Europa League

In the event that the Premier League season is cut short, it looks likely that the teams’ current table position will be the determining factor in choosing the teams that will represent England in European competitions.

Liverpool, Leicester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United would qualify for the Champions League. Manchester City who sits in second place would be denied qualification due to their recent European ban.

Sheffield United would then qualify for the Europa League. The last UEL place, usually reserved for the winners of the FA Cup, is still uncertain, with the competition yet to pick a winner.

Whatever the outcome, the 2019/2020 season has proven to be a remarkable one for Sheffield, a team that many, at the start of the season, predicted would relegate back into the Championship. How wrong they were.

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