How Eden Hazard’s Real Madrid snub could prove career defining

August 27, 2018

by xfcedi

Eden Hazard, Chelsea star, has decided to snub Real Madrid in order to stay at the London club

Eden Hazard, one of World Cup 2018’s best players, has made a brave decision in turning down Real Madrid’s insistent offers for a transfer. Here is why this could prove a key choice in the Belgium player’s career. 

Full trust of new management


Eden Hazard - Chelsea, BelgiumIt’s no secret that Antonio Conte’s departure from Chelsea had more to do with a frayed relationship with his players, rather than with results. A change of management could have meant a revision of personnel. However, Maurizio Sarri, the new man in charge of the Blues, has been clear of his desire to make Hazard a pivotal figure for Chelsea. Joining Real Madrid would not come with the same assurance, regardless of promises that Hazard would be given a part similar in stature to Ronaldo’s.

Courtois’ role at Real is proving unstable


Real Madrid is likely the most famous team in the world, with a squad brimming with world-class players. On the other hand, joining Real has proven calamitous to the career of many.

Fellow Belgium international Thibaut Courtois was purchased by Real from Chelsea in the summer. In truth, Real were most likely hoping to get Courtois and Hazard, two of the Red Devils’ best players in the World Cup, as a package deal.

Courtois has thus far failed to win a starting place in his new team. Keylor Navas is still Lopetegui’s go-to for the #1 spot. And the former Chelsea keeper is undoubtedly disappointed.

Star players like Luka Modric and Raphael Varane are also finding it hard to earn playing time under Lopetegui. Despite the fanfare the would surely have follow Hazard’s transfer, his importance to Real Madrid would never have been certain.

Contenders for the title


The Premier League has become in recent years the most popular football league in the world. Chelsea is among the top six clubs in England. Since 2005 the London team has won the title 5 times. That’s a terrific record overall.

Regardless, of the fact that the club is undergoing some considerable change in terms of ownership, Chelsea remains one of the favorites to win this season’s Premier League. Sarri has made a name for himself in Serie A and is anxious to bolster his CV. New transfers, Kepa, Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic (loan) are likely to improve the squad.

Eden Hazard - Chelsea, BelgiumThrough all of this Eden Hazard remains arguably Chelsea’s biggest star. And he is being treated like it. The highly talented Belgium is maybe better off choosing the familiarity of playing for Premier League’s Chelsea, rather than risking his career advancement by joining Real Madrid.

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