Harry Kane is the player to help Tottenham move forward says Lloris

October 18, 2017

by xfcedi

Kane Tottenham

Pep Guardiola has referred to Tottenham as “the Harry Kane team”. This will be likely a statement he will come to regret soon enough, with Spurs climbing up the table. Given the nature of the statement, it is also likely to be a quote we will be coming back to for much of the season. 

It’s true that Harry Kane has proven himself to be the breakout star of Tottenham, and one of the top players in the Premier League and the world. With the level of performances the striker has provided consistently for the last seasons, there is no surprise the team’s rivals will be looking towards the England international as the biggest threat. 

El portero del Spurs, Hugo Lloris, ha elogiado a Kane por su disciplina en entrenamientos, su ambición y cree que es el jugador que lleva al club de Londres hacia un mayor éxito. Las figuras del delantero revelan que un jugador ofrece actuaciones extremadamente buenas, al menos con el mismo nivel de calidad con los jugadores más famosos del mundo. Tottenham goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, has praised Kane for the discipline he has shown in training, as well as for his continous ambition to move the team forward. The stats behind his performances reveal a player ready to stand beside any of the most famous players in the world. 

His involvement in Spurs’ recent 1-1 draw on the Santiago Bernabeu against UCL Champions Real Madrid, prove just the kind of player Harry Kane has become. 

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