What next for Giovanni Simeone after scoring a poker against Lazio?

October 28, 2021

by xfcedi

Giovanni Simeone's time at Verona

Eduard Bănulescu

Giovanni Simeone recently played, arguably his greatest match as a professional footballer. The young striker scored four goals against Lazio. Verona won 4-1. The next week he put in a mediocre display against Udinese. Just what is Simeone’s potential, and should you start considering him for your fantasy football draft?

Who is Giovanni Simeone?

Giovanni Simeone comes from a tremendous football background. His father is El Cholo himself, Diego Simeone, arguably one of the world’s greatest managers, and a former great for the Argentina national team.

Giovanni Simeone got his start as part of the youth system of River Plate, a team formerly managed by his father. In 2016 he was signed to Serie A side Genoa for €3 million. He’s played in the top Italian tier since then, amassing a good goal-scoring record.

Giovanni Simeone’s time at Verona

Simeone is currently signed to Cagliari. He was loaned out to Verona for the 2021/22 season. Hellas Verona is known for helping develop younger players and for managing to punch above their weight. So far, the loan deal has worked out for all parties involved. Giovanni Simeone has scored 6 goals in 8 Serie A matches for his new team. He sits only behind Edin Dzeko and Ciro Immobile among the league’s top scorers. So, is Simeone the next great international goalscorer?

It’s a theory worth considering. Giovanni Simeone has alternated between highly succesful seasons and a relatively obscure series of performances. In the past, he has been referred to as a “morale player“, capable of putting in good performances based on how well things are going for himself and his club.

Giovanni Simeone’s stats

Simeone has netted double digits on two previous occasions, both times in Serie A. This is no mean feat. Although this alone doesn’t prove that he’s a superstar in the making, it certainly paints him as a reliable striker.

Like his father, he is a player with a work rate that is beyond reproach. Simeone shines as a defensive forward capable of pressing the opposition. This is one of the reasons why managers are comfortable with giving him chances against better opposition.

Giovanni Simeone scored four goals in one match this season. The exception doesn’t work to tell the whole story of his performances this season. There are great traits about his evolution and poor ones.

The poor stats, ironically, involve his attacking contribution. Giovanni Simeone registers a npxG (expected non-penalty goals) of 0.31, well beyond the continent’s elite strikers. His expected assists is 0.09, very low, but he has managed 2 actual assists, suggesting luck has played a part in his stats.

In FootballCoin, he has earned a respectable 156 points this season. This positions him among Serie A’s best fantasy football strikers. However, the figures are slightly skewed by his astounding performance against Lazio when he scored a poker and managed 58.9 points.

Giovanni Simeone has a pass completion rate of just 71% and 1.83 shot-creating actions per 90 minutes. These aren’t sensational stats. He is also below par in terms of progressive passes and touches taken in the opposition’s box. He is average, however, in terms of his dribbles.

Where Giovanni Simeone really shines is in his defensive contribution. This is not an important element for a team such as Verona, a mid-table club. Simeone is excellent in terms of pressing, and defensive blocks. He makes 0.79 interceptions per game and 1.24 tackles. He’s also shown a willingness to commit himself to aerial duels.

Update: Giovanni Simeone had another sensation game against Serie A’s most prestigious team, Juventus. The striker scored twice against the Turin team, being crowned Man of the Match, and earning Verona and improbable 2-1 victory over Juve,

What does the future hold for Giovanni Simeone?

Giovanni Simeone might not be a future Ballon d’Or winner. However, he is already a proven Serie A striker with a good record. While not amazingly efficient in front of goal, Simeone’s work rate and experience make him an indisputable choice for numerous clubs. If free from injuries, Simeone can continue a satisfying career playing for teams in some of Europe’s best leagues.

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