Giovanni Di Lorenzo in Fantasy Football in 2023

May 27, 2023

by xfcedi

Giovanni Di Lorenzo

By Eduard Bănulescu

Giovanni Di Lorenzo, according to fantasy football stats provided by FootballCoin, is not only Napoli’s best player of the season but also Serie A’s best player of the 2022/23 campaign.

The defenders’ performances have been incredibly consistent and have played a huge role in Partenopei’s incredible achievement of bringing the Scudetto back to Naples.

Today, let’s spend a little time acknowledging the incredible achievements of Di Lorenzo throughout what has turned out to be a spectacular season.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo in fantalcio and fantasy football

In the thrilling world of Serie A Fantacalcio, where virtual managers assemble their dream teams, one name has stood out this season—Giovanni Di Lorenzo. The Napoli defender has proven to be an unstoppable force, accumulating a staggering 1247 points in the competition.

Not only does he hold the record for the highest points among Napoli players, but he also reigns supreme as the highest-scoring defender and overall player in Fantacalcio history.

With a total of 22 coveted Di Lorenzo cards available on the FootballCoin market, it’s clear that his exceptional performances have captured the attention and admiration of fans worldwide.

The Italian full-back displayed his prowess in both Serie A and the Champions League, leaving opponents and spectators in awe.

Throughout the Serie A campaign, Di Lorenzo showcased his versatility by contributing three goals and four assists, further solidifying his position as a vital asset in Napoli’s attack.

In the Champions League, where Napoli reached the semi-finals, the relentless defender added two goals and two assists to his impressive tally. His consistent impact on the field surpassed all expectations, as evident from his remarkable expected goals (xG) rating of 2.7 in Serie A.

Di Lorenzo’s brilliance stems from his ability to excel in various aspects of the game. Rather than focusing on one particular area, he impresses across the board, making a significant contribution in every facet of play.

When it comes to shot-creating chances, pass completion ratio, and progressive passes, the Italian sensation ranks among Europe’s top 20%. Though he may lack in certain defensive statistics like tackles, interceptions, or blocks, his exceptional teammates brilliantly compensate for any shortfall.

Di Lorenzo’s top performances

Perhaps the most striking attribute of Di Lorenzo’s game is his emergence as a true big-game player. Some of his best performances have come against formidable opponents such as Ajax, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Inter. On these occasions, he has displayed unmatched determination and skill, shutting down attacks and providing vital contributions to Napoli’s success.

Given his extraordinary performances, it’s no surprise that Di Lorenzo’s market value currently stands at an impressive 25 million euros. As one of the finest wing-backs in modern football, any team seeking to secure his services would likely face an astronomical transfer fee.

Di Lorenzo’s impact on a team’s chances of success cannot be overstated, as demonstrated by the evident disadvantage faced by those who dared to start a Fantacalcio team without him.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s incredible season in Serie A Fantacalcio has etched his name in the annals of the competition’s history. From his record-breaking points tally to his unmatched versatility, the Italian defender has showcased his exceptional talent and left an indelible mark on the game. As his star continues to rise, fans and managers alike eagerly await the next chapter in the captivating story of this defensive dynamo.


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