Former Bayern star thinks Robben and Ribery are on the decline

May 10, 2017

by xfcedi

Dietmar Hamann, former midfielder for Bayern Munchen, is of the opinion that both Robben and Ribery are in the twilight of their careers. Hamann urges the Bayern board to bring in replacements. 

Dietmar Hamann hopes the replacements Bayern can bring in will be of similar value to that of the two midfielders. While it is true that Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery are getting into the late part of their career, it is difficult to say their value has decreased. In many of the team’s games the two remained vital. Plus, with a team known for winning trophies at a great pace, against great competition, it is hard to know what to make of the failure to win the Champions League this season.

Bayern rewarded the players with extensions on their contracts. Both are expected to remain until  June 2018. With good performances and a decision to remain active, the players could remain in Munchen even longer than that. There are no signals Bayern is being left behind by it’s European rivals.

“The wide positions are the ones where Bayern need to act most. Robben and Ribery are still world class, but their performances have been declining,” Hamann tells reporters at AZ.

“They are simply getting older. Bayern need alternatives, players who can go for the one-on-one action. That way you create space elsewhere on the pitch. That is how Bayern have been so successful, Robben and Ribery have made the difference. But there are not an awful lot of players who can make the difference at this level. Alexis Sanchez could be an option.

Robben and Ribery

Hamann was also asked about Douglas Costa and Kingsley Coman. The players were brought into the Bayern squad with the hopes of becoming important first team players in the future.  “When Douglas Costa joined Bayern, he was on top of his game and had six good months. But that was it for him,” Hamann says.

“Robben and Ribery have done it at the highest level for 10 years. When you are unable to perform every three days, you are not good enough for Bayern. Costa’s agent is often talking about interest from other clubs and Bayern do not like that. There will be English teams who do not mind paying a lot of money for him. I can see him leave Bayern.”

I think Coman has more potential than Costa. We will have to wait to see if Carlo Ancelotti can improve him and give him enough playing time and develop him into a top player. Coman has the potential to follow in the footsteps of Robben and Ribery.” 

Douglas Costa, Robben and Ribery

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