FootballCoin’s brand new features for the 2017-18 season

June 13, 2017

by xfcedi

FootballCoin's brand new features for the 2017-18 season

It’s the time when FootballCoin can finally announce it’s improved game system and new features for the new season.

And for those who have played and enjoyed the game last season, there is no reason to worry. FootballCoin will employ a similar system but improve upon it with the addition of new leagues and exciting new features that will include Easy and Pro modes.

FootballCoin is happy to be creating an ever growing community. As a result, numerous new opinions have been received on how the platform may be improved. The team at FootballCoin did their best to register the feedback and try to make the best additions to the game based on those opinions.

The first new feature is the introduction of new leagues, hosting some of the most exciting football in Europe. It is a feature which many users asked for and FootballCoin is ready to deliver. Whereas last season the game only hosted the English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, there will be a host of new leagues improving upon the dynamics of the game and offering more opportunities to dedicated users.

Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus

The 2017-18 season will see the introduction of the two biggest international club competitions: the UEFA Europa League (available in Easy mode) and the UEFA Champions League (available in Pro Mode). The game will see the addition of four new domestic leagues. Starting next season, users will have available Ligue 1 of France, Bundesliga from Germany, the Turkish Super Lig and the Russian Premier League. These were competitions heavily demanded by FootballCoin fans since the beginning of the project.

Emmanuel Adebayor of İstanbul Başakşehir

The season will end with the most anticipated football event of the last four years, the FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia. The popular sporting event will be represented in FootballCoin. Users will be able to be involved in the game while keeping an eye on their favorite national team’s evolution in the tournament.

Another request from users had to do with the scoring system employed by the game. Last season we were glad to include over 30 statistical elements in scoring a team’s performance. We found out that this feature is very welcomed by some users, but others would prefer it be more straightforward. Since we believe that FootballCoin is designed to be a game that can be played in different ways, we will introduce 2 game systems.

The new season will see the introduction of Easy and Pro mode. With the Easy mode, teams entered in competitions will be scored based on 10 statistical elements per player. The system will see the addition of the Europa League, as well as the national leagues of Russia, Turkey, France and Germany. The rest of the features of FootballCoin will remain unchanged.

In the Pro mode, we will encourage users to dig deeper into their tactical knowledge and make use of the stats and data FootballCoin provides. The players that comprise a team will each be scored based on 34 statistical elements. Furthermore, the Pro mode will include the French and German championships, as well as the most popular football competitions: the Champions League and the 2018 World Cup.

Lukas Podolski with World Cup trophy

The new gaming system, we hope, represents another step in establishing FootballCoin as one of the leading Fantasy Sports games in the world. With the addition of the new features, we aim to provide the best gaming experience for all of our users.

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