What to look for in a fantasy football goalkeeper?

May 06, 2021

by xfcedi

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Eduard Bănulescu

A fantasy football goalkeeper of high quality is the kind that you need not worry about. Just what are the qualities such a goalie needs to possess? I’ve taken apart some of the FootballCoin data and these are my tips.

Who’s the best goalkeeper in fantasy football in 2021?

Guardiola Ederson

Much like a striker capable of scoring +15 goals a season, teams will spend big on quality goalkeepers. The likes of David de Gea or Thibaut Courtois command some of the biggest salaries in world football. Does fame translate to great scores in fantasy football?

In 2021, the results are mixed. In the Premier League, the best scoring goalkeeper at the moment is Leeds’ Illan Meslier (882 points). The player arrived on a low-key transfer from Lorient. Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) and Nick Pope (Burnley) round up the top three. None of the starting keepers of the Big Six even manage to make the Top 5.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan) may be the most famous keeper in Serie A. However, he trails Cagliari’s Allessio Cragno in the stats chart.

It’s a similar story in Spain’s La Liga. Here, Edgar Badia (Elche) leads by a considerable margin. The excellent Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid) is second. However, Courtois, a keeper for whom Real Madrid battled for a long time is only fourth. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (FC Barcelona) is only the 10th keeper in the league.

Does this mean that big clubs are wasting their money? Not exactly. Fantasy football rewards success and activity. Many of these keepers have had more to save. They are worth considering for your next draft. Their position in the chart shows they’ve done a good job. This is worth considering next time you pick your draft.

World-star vs. underrated goalkeepers?

Are the top-rated, world-class goalkeepers your best bet in fantasy football? Should you buy the card of one such keeper in FootballCoin?

Much like clubs, you need to consider the bigger picture. It is true that goalies like Meslier and Badia have done excellently this year. However, there’s a higher likelihood we will see Donnarumma and Courtois playing in the most important tournaments (Champions League, European Championship).

Lower-rated keepers can do an excellent job in a daily fantasy football contest. However, do not forget the bigger picture. An NFT collectible card of Donnarumma or Ederson may be of greater service over time.

Do goalies of poorer sides get more points in fantasy football?

Not exactly. Yes, these keepers have consistently more to defend against. However, remember that goals conceded draw a points deduction. Juventus’ Carlo Pinsoglio still registers -6 points after receiving a red card in the only Serie A match he played this season.

In short, fantasy football scoring systems tend to be well-balanced. Keepers that consistenly deny goals are bound to receive more points. There is no reason why the goalkeeper for the team with the worst defense in the league should score well overall.

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