Best Under-21 Premier League players in fantasy football

September 23, 2021

by xfcedi

max aarons livramento

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While the Premier League is known for its endorsement of football stars, especially established ones, some of the youngsters are already doing the heavy lifting. Here are some of the Under-21 players already racking up points in Premier League fantasy football.

Max Aarons (Norwich City) – 21 years

Playing for Norwich City this season is proving both a blessing a curse for 21-year-old Max Aarons. The defender is a natural starting choice. He is justifying the hype surrounding him. He is, however, also, often, on the losing side. Aarons has managed 148 points in FootballCoin after playing 5 games. His defensive work, particularly, makes him one of the young players to watch this season.

Harvey Elliott (Liverpool) – 18 years

Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott isn’t merely an asset for his club. His evolution represents the club’s intent to continue to promote the club’s youngsters. He starred in 4 matches for the Reds, managing 87 points. His passing, in particular, has been a joy to watch. A nasty injury will force him out for a few months. However, what is already clear is that Liverpool is nurturing one of the league’s most promising young talents.

Valentino Livramento (Southampton) – 18 years

When Valentino Livramento came against Manchester United’s experienced side, those unfamiliar with the player could have been mistaken for believing he’d played all his life for Southampton. Instead, the youngster has just started his professional campaign. The right-back spent his formative years at Chelsea. The player’s pace, technique, as well as the fact that he’s starred one every game for his team, make him one of the players worth watching closely.

Phil Foden (Manchester City) – 21 years

Phil Foden qualifies just barely on account of his age, and, also, the fact that he is by now an established figure in English football. The midfielder is already an international player with a hefty trophy cabinet. He’s played fewer minutes than expected this season. However, no doubt, Foden remains one of the great hopes of English football.

Mason Greenwood (Manchester United) – 19 years

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood‘s excellent start to season raised some serious questions. Did the Red Devils really need to spend so much money on attacking players recently? Clearly, they are already nurturing one of the greatest talents in European football. Greenwood has managed 151 points in FootballCoin. He has scored 3 goals and played in all 5 matches. And, he is still only 19 years old.

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