Best left-footed defenders in football in 2021

February 17, 2021

by xfcedi

andy robertson - liverpool, premier league, scotland

Eduard Bănulescu

Those obsessed with football tactics have long hailed the presence of left-footed players as a means to boost a side’s passing options. Nowhere is this more present than with teams that like to play out from defense. Here are some of the best left-footed players in the game at present.

Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City)

It seems only natural that manager Pep Guardiola would be among the first to put this theory to the team. Manchester City, a team that prioritizes passing, has two defensive players, Laporte and goalkeeper Ederson. Judging by their stats and win rate we would say the experiment is a success.

Andy Robertson (Liverpool)

Andrew Robertson is one of the best wing-backs in the game. At their best Liverpool’s wide defenders take on a role of playmaking rarely seen before, but one that is slowly becoming a standard in the modern game.

Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)

The Italians have always been more tactically-minded than most. It comes as little surprise then that one of their top defenders in recent years would be a left-footed player. Chiellini may be especially famous for his tackling and placement, but he is also of massive help when Juve opts to play our from the back.

Marcelo (Real Madrid)

Marcelo is already one of the most succesful players in modern history. He also carries the distinction of maintaining his place in Real’s starting line-up for many years, something rare when it comes to Los Blancos. An attack-minded player, Marcelo uses his passing skill and speed to create goal chances for his team. His ability to pass the ball excellently with his left-foot certainly helps the matter.

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