Best Ball Playing Goalkeepers in the World in 2023

October 12, 2023

by xfcedi

ederson ball playing goalkeeper

By Eduard Bănulescu

The ball-playing goalkeepers aren’t just the upgraded shot-stoppers that managers like Pep Guardiola or Erik Ten Haag demand to have on their teams. They are also players who can make the difference for your fantasy football team because of how many more extra points they can grab for you in games like FootballCoin.

Based on FootballCoin‘s scoring system algorithm, we have chosen the best ball-playing goalkeepers in the world at the moment.

Best Ball-Playing Goalkeepers in the World in 2023

Ederson (Manchester City)

Ederson was familiar to fans of Brazilian football, but his arrival at the Emirates Stadium was a surprise for most others. However, it took little for this goalkeeper with passing skills not unlike those of a world-class midfielder to make a name for himself.

Ederson has a record of 6 goals in 8 Premier League matches at the time of writing. More importantly, he has made 100% of his short passes, 95% of his medium passes, and even 55% of his long passes. It’s no wonder that Pep Guardiola believes Ederson could easily take on the role of an outfield player when needed.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen (FC Barcelona)

Marc-Andre ter Stegen is an elite ball-playing goalkeeper. It only makes sense that FC Barcelona, the club most associated with long-term possession, would employ such a goalie.

Ter Stegen has a near-flawless passing record this season. He has successfully managed almost all of his short and medium passes. And the German also has an 81% success rate when it comes to long passes. Sensational!

Mike Maignan (AC Milan)

Mike Maignan pulled off the impossible task of replacing Gigi Donnarumma at the San Siro. And, in the eyes of many, he has surpassed him. The Frenchman’s return from injury has coincided with a great start to the season for the legendary Italian side. With a 70% save rate and strong passing skills, Maignan is one of the best ball-playing goalkeepers in the world.

Alisson (Liverpool)

The debate over who is a better ball-playing goalkeeper between Ederson and Alisson is one for the ages. We’ve all been fortunate to catch two elite athletes battling it out in the Premier League and the Brazilian national team. Alisson remains a vital part of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and one of the top players whenever he steps onto a football field.

David Raya (Arsenal)

David Raya’s arrival at Arsenal was a surprising one. After all, Arsenal nearly won the title in 2023 with a very good goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale.

However, manager Mikel Arteta wanted options. Raya is a ball-playing goalkeeper, capable of passing the ball from the back and able to assist his team in maintaining possession.

His transfer proves the importance of this role in modern football. Should Arsenal finally clinch a new Premier League title, Arteta’s choice and football philosophy would be entirely vindicated.




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