Arsenal: a big team with little money to spend

April 24, 2018

by xfcedi

Arsene Wenger replacement to face harsh budget cuts

The Arsenal fans that have asked for Arsene Wenger’s resignation for so long, may be celebrating his imminent departure. But it looks like the new manager’s mission will be a difficult one that will include significant budget cuts. 

New Arsenal boss will need to handle transfer budget decrease

First thing’s first. Let’s establish why Arsene Wenger is begrudgingly leaving Arsenal after 22 years in charge of the team. By and large, the reason is that the manager has been hassled by a certain percentage of fans for the last few years. These supporters have claimed that the team has been underperforming and they see Wenger as being at fault.

Naturally this would mean that the new manager will be responsible for taking the team forward. Champions League qualification and challenging for the Premier League trophy will be his objectives. But, the managers looking to follow up Wenger, should know that they’ll need to accomplish this under much harsher conditions then the Frenchman.

Arsene Wenger - Arsenal

The most important change will be in terms of transfer budget. The budget is likely to be around the £50 million mark. That should be enough to help purchase one top player in the current transfer market. It’s considerably less than what rivals United and City are likely to spend. To put things into perspective, last season manager Pep Guardiola was allowed to spend almost £300m. City won the league.

That doesn’t mean that Arsenal hasn’t spent any money in the last transfer windows. Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cost the London club around £100m. But the players are still waited upon to deliver upon their full potential.

And make no mistake, Wenger’s absence will be a factor in convincing big names to join the club. Recent signings made the decision to switch to Arsenal partly because of the manager’s reputation and under the belief that they were getting involved in a long-term project.

Does Arsenal risk going backwards?

It would certainly be ironic, but yes. Arsenal’s new manager will face a much harsher climate then their predecessor. Luis Enrique, Massimilliano Allegri, Mikel Arteta, Leonardo Jardim, Julian Nagelsmann and Joachim Löw are all said to be interested in the position.

What they’ll likely find is a team struggling to find direction, demoralized by recent setbacks. They’ll also face very stern opposition from rival teams that are seemingly constantly improving. Where as two years ago not finishing in the top four was seen as a disaster, in 2019 the competition will be much harsher.

Some players will need to go

Arsene WengerIt’s something that happens in these circumstances. Players will be offloaded to accommodate the manager’s new vision and to add some much-needed cash. But this will bring a feeling of uncertainty inside the team for the rest of the season.

Arsenal’s new manager will be expected to be a kind of wheeler dealer in the transfer market. And while the team certainly has some world-class talent on hand, changes will certainly need to be made. And there is no telling what these changes could actually result in.

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