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5 top football managers that remain without out of a job ahead of the 2019 season

The game of football is more competitive than it ever has been. The players aren’t the only ones feeling the pressures. Here are five top-class managers that are currently without a job. With the 2019/20 season under way, they may remain like this as the new campaign gets off to a start.

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Football Managers Without Jobs Update 1st of October

We are surprised to note that out of the 5 high-profile managers listed in the original article, all of them are still without a job at present time. Regardless, rumors swirl regarding all of these managers, with the season under way and some teams under-performing, and the managers in charge threatened with losing their jobs.

Football manager jobs are hard to come by, all the way from non league football to UK’s Premier League. Besides the 5 managers previously mentioned, whose statuses we are now updating, other high-profile professionals in search of a job include: Fernando Hierro, Santiago Solari, Luis Fernandez, Luciano Spalletti, Laurent Blanc, Sam Allardyce.

Jose Mourinho

There’s no surprise we would begin our list with Jose Mourinho. Hailed by himself, and numerous admirers as the special one, Mourinho’s management career has been a fascinating one. Successful spells at FC Porto, Inter Milan, and Chelsea created a legacy equaled by very few. But, his career has seemed to enter a decline in the last decade. His last job was with Manchester United and it ended poorly.

Jose Mourinho - Manchester United managerMourinho says he wishes to return to management this season. Recently he has claimed to desire a job with a national team. Even more recently, Mourinho has declared his interest in returning to Serie A. With most high-profile jobs in Italy already taken, the Portuguese may have to wait his turn.

Update 1st October: No other manager without a job has been as frequently in the news as Jose Mourinho. The former Manchester United man-man, has been linked with jobs in Serie A, Premier League or at national team level. Currently, Mourinho looks to be in poll position for the job at Real Madrid, currently occupied by Zinedine Zidane.

Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano AllegriA more mysterious case of a manager without a club is mr. Allegri. The Italian has helped helm Juventus, continuing their run of success in Serie A. He also got the club close to the elusive Champions League crown on a couple of occasions.

He now leaves Maurizio Sarri in charge of trying to make the push towards European silverware. Allegri is thus far without a job. And, were it not for the majority of big names clubs already having their management team set-up, the Italian would no doubt be fielding plenty of calls.

Update 1st October: Out of a job and looking for one to match the ambitions of Juventus, his previous employers. Manchester United are said to be sniffing around.

Arsene Wenger

Watching the reputation of Arsene Wenger enter into decline has been a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Forced to leave Arsenal, the club he helped build in its modern iteration, Wenger has remained out of a job for a year now.

Jobs Arsene Wenger has turned down through the yearsRumors that he would be returning to France or Japan, where he previously coached, have not come to fruition. Famously, Wenger turned down offers from Real Madrid and Manchester United in the past. But, the chance for a do-over does not seem to have come this time around. With that being said, his vision in charge of a different club other than Arsenal, would be something to see.

Update 1st October: Previous reports suggested Wenger might be ready to hang up his managerial boots. However, in a new interview the Frenchman has talked about the possibility of managing Manchester United in the future. If the deal goes through, it would be one of the most unexpected management switches in modern football.

Claudio Ranieri

Ranieri should be included on this list because of his job status and his reputation. Still, we would hesitate to wager on the Italian master remaining jobless by the start of the new season. At least, if we go by his recent history.

Ranieri already had an impressive resume when he took on lowly Leicester City. You may remember, he guided the Foxes to their first Premier League trophy. He was asked then to leave Leicester, the following season, when it became apparent that in no way was it feasible for the club to repeat this feat. He followed it up by managing Fulham, a team visibly out of their depth in the EPL. The 2018-19 season ended with Ranieri handed the job of manager at AS Roma, a job he left vacant at the end of the campaign. We’re ready to bet that Ranieri’s agent is a busy man this summer.

Update 1st October: Naturally, given his resume, Claudio Ranieri is likely to be one of the first men thought of for the hotseat of a struggling big name club. However, recent reports link the former Leicester manager with a job in charge of African national team Guinea.

David Moyes

David Moyes - former manager of Manchester United and West HamAlright. We will not take the low-hanging fruit of making fun of Moyes’ recent career record. We will say, however, that regardless of a number of failures, Moyes is rumored to return to management by the start of the season. He is considered for the job of manager of his native Scotland. We for one would welcome a return to the days of success that Moyes enjoyed with Everton circa 2012.

Update 1st October: Former Everton, Manchester United, Sunderland and West Ham manager, Moyes, has been in the news lately merely for his punditry. But, given his experience, we may see him return to the management seat once some heads start to roll as the season advances.

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