10 biggest sleepers in fantasy football in 2019 (part 3)

December 17, 2019

by xfcedi

They overwhelmed us when previously our expectations were few or non-existent. In the final part of our Sleepers analysis, we look at players that surprised fantasy football fans, won them points, and made the world truly take stock of them. Who will you include in your fantasy draft for the upcoming contests?

Tim Krul

You know your team is doing poorly, when your goalkeeper is one of the best in his position, in the league. Tim Krul managed 430 points in FootballCoin. Many other publications include him among the team of the year. The Dutch keeper, a starting player for Norwich, is also the leader of the second-worst defense in the Prem, losing out on the unwanted title only to Southampton.

But, as these things happen, it all could have been much worse. Krul did let in 35 goals in 17 matches. However, he was very active in every one of Norwich’s games. The club looks likely to be on the losing side of a relegation battle, but Krul is among a handful of The Canaries’ players that have impressed this season.

John Lundstram

Looking for a sleeper player for fantasy football? In 2019, you should have looked no further for a great pick than John Lundstram the tough central defender helping newly-promoted Sheffield United to an unexpectedly good season. Lundstram has been in fine form, racking up 410 points in FootballCoin and showing himself to be one of the best in his position in a league that prides itself on defensive rigor. 

Lautaro Martinez

Martinez has been one of the most talked-about players for the last several months. In all fairness, his rise is not entirely unexpected. The speed with which it happened, on the other hand, is. Martinez joined Inter Milan back in 2018 and better 6 goals on his debut season. 

But, it was this year that thing really started taking off for both player and club. With manager Antonio Conte now making decisions and partnering with a world-class target man, Romelu Lukaku, the Argentine striker flourished. Lautaro Martinez managed 327 points in fantasy football. And, Inter is looking to challenge perennial favorites Juventus all the way until the season of the season for the Scudetto.

Dejan Kulusevski

It wouldn’t be the first time Parma has helped promote some of Europe’s most exciting young talent. Kulusevski is one of the great sleeper player stories of the season. At 19-years-old, the Attacking-midfielder has staked his claim in Parma’s first team. He has managed to score 4 goals in 16 appearances. And, overall, he has managed the kind of stats that would make envious some of Serie A’s biggest stars.

With 396 points in FootballCoin, teams like Manchester United have already come snooping for the young Swede. The future looks very bright indeed for the player, who in 2019 booked his first appearance for the national side.

Who were the biggest surprises for you in 2019?

How will this change your plans for assembling your fantasy draft?

Head on over to the FootballCoin contest page and have your say. Rewards are waiting for the best managers and their star teams. 

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