Feuille de route du projet

avril 12, 2018

by andrei4digital

Ou en termes sportifs : notre plan de jeu.

Nous sommes dans un processus continu d’expansion et d’amélioration de nos fonctionnalités de plate-forme et nos fonctionnalités de jeu, car nous croyons en l’avenir de notre plate-forme de jeu et de son adoption mondiale.

Voici ce que nous avons accompli jusqu’à présent et nos plans pour le futur proche.

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Q1 2018

  • DigitalTokens exchange launched with XFC listed – done
  • New Blockchain for XFC with fast transactions and low fees – done
  • Wallets for Windows, MacOs and Linux – done
  • 3:1 Bonus to the initial supporters – done
  • Swap from Counterparty to the Footballcoin Blockchain – done
  • Contacting exchanges to list the new XFC token – done
  • Being listed on external crypto exchanges – in progress, pending
  • Football Players Wiki – in progress
  • Website major design upgrade – in progress
  • Upgrade of the UI/UX for the contest section – in progress
  • Upgrade of the UI/UX for the statistics – in progress
  • Major Upgrade of the UI/UX for the cards market with new features to be added – in progress
  • Major Upgrade of the UI/UX for the create team with an improved interface and much faster player selection – in progress
  • Upgrade of the player cards with more useful information to be displayed – in progress
  • XFC added to Coinmarketcap – in progress
  • Android mobile app – in progress

Q2 2018

  • Integration of Player Cards page with Wiki, market section, market statistics and player statistics
  • Market UI/UX Upgrade and more features integrated
  • Trade statistic chart for DigitalTokens – in progress
  • Further upgrade of the UI/UX for the cards market – not started
  • Major website content upgrade – not started
  • Marketing campaign – in progress
  • Wallet for Android – not started
  • New leagues added – not started
  • IoS app – not started
  • Wallet for IoS – not started
  • Payment Gateway – not started


À suivre.