Miss this one and you have missed out big time.

All good things come to an end. FootballCoin is announcing the last weekend of big prizes – 19th of May to 22nd of May:


300000 XFC
Free roll competitions. The total amount of prizes offered through these contests is 300.000 XFC.
FootballCoin will organize a number of different type of contests for the last weekend of prizes:
  • Free-roll – These will not feature an entry fee and the prizes for the contest will be announced ahead of time.
  • Guaranteed – Contests that feature an entry fee and in which we will offer an additional bonus to the existing amount of prizes.

The prizes will be distributed per the details featured in “Contest info” section:

Winner – in which the number one contestant wins the entire prize;

Top -3 – in which the prizes are divided between the top 3 contestants;

Top 30% – in which the prizes are divided between the top 30% of the contestants.

The competitions will provide users the opportunity to become better accustomed to the game and to win additional prizes to the ones that were offered following the Beta testing period.
Details of the competitions can be found in the “Contests” page once users have logged into their account.

It’s not how big you are. It’s how big you play!