Romania – Ukraine in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

June 18, 2024

by xfcedi

Romania - Ukraine in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

By Eduard Bănulescu

Romania – Ukraine was, for fans of Euro 2024 fantasy football, a duel between two teams with many underrated players. The result was, no doubt, surprising.

But what does it mean for your fantasy football squad, and who should you get next time these teams play?

Here’s what you need to know!

Romania vs. Ukraine: A Game in Which Possession was Made Redundant

Boss possession, and you win games! This has been the wisdom guiding teams in modern football. And across international tournaments, this has usually been held through.

Not last night! Romania produced the first major shock of the tournament (followed by an even greater one courtesy of Slovakia), with hardly any possession.

What does this mean for your fantasy football team?

First of all, it means that hyped strikers like Artem Dovbyk or Romelu Lukaku are simply not worth the investment if they don’t score.

However, in more complex fantasy football games, like FootballCoin, it still means that every pass gets weighed in for the final count.

Myhailo Mudryk, who made 29 successful passes, earned the highest amount of points. He earned 46 points in FootballCoin.

However, Nicolae Stanciu and Dennis Man, with far fewer passes but with grater efficiency earned nearly as many points, 44 and 41 in FootballCoin.

Romania in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Romania impressed against Ukraine. Nita managed to keep a clean sheet. And, they scored three beautiful goals.

These are all positive things, of course. But it doesn’t mean that this translates, automatically in great amount of points in fantasy football across the board.

Defenders Radu Dragusin and Andrei Ratiu earned a respectable 42 and 46 points in FootballCoin.

Goalscorer Denis Dragus earned 39 points, the best of any striker last night.

And Florin Nita, having kept a clean sheet, earned 28.5 points. This was only slightly lower than Slovakia’s Martin Dubravka.

All of these players are worth considering, especially considering that they are cheaper alternatives to more established players.

Ukraine in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Ukraine’s result was, no doubt, disappointing. However, in fantasy football, the fact that the team had so much possession and a few goal-scoring chances means that some of their players scored very well.

For example, Mykola Matvienko managed a whopping 71.3 points. Matvienko’s role as a ball-playing defender secured this.

Myhailo Mudryk was largely ineffective but, again, was involved heavily in the team’s attacks. He also scored well. On the other hand, Ukrainian midfielders, however, managed anything remotely as good.

Lastly, highly-rated Girona striker Artem Dovbyk managed only 15 points, being bossed by Romania’s Dragusin across the match.


With so many players free in FootballCoin or inexpensive across Euro 2024 fantasy football, Romania’s players are worth considering for the final.

Ukrainians too? With a game against Slovakia, yes, they can still turn it around.




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